Vrh "B" / Litter "B"

otec / father :


 sire: Shavano's Look Out For Lloyd 
 dam: Shavano's Kind Of Heir


 born: 09.07.2012 

 67 cm/ 43 kg, pšenica

 nožnicový skus / scissor bite

 HD A/A, ED free, OCD free

 D - locus - D/D

 EOAD - High confidence: Clear


Chovateľ: Hanne & John Anders Neergaard

Majiteľ: Lianne Peters 



matka / mother:

 Ch. TUSANI LADY LEE " MiniVivi"

 sire: Copyright Reserved Nyathi 
 dam: Tusani Ani White Lady

 born: 14.06.2010

 64,5cm / 32 kg , pšenica

 nožnicový skus, P4 / scissor bite

 HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD neg 

 Degenerative Myelopatie (DM)  N/N click

 D - locus  - D/D , B - locus - B/B

 EOAD - High confidence: Clear 


Chovateľ: Monika Tušanová

Majiteľ: Janka Všelková 







is a very clever RR, He has a real RR caracter...in the beginning he keeps a little distance but within a

few minutes he want to cuddle with every one. He has a strong will to please, he is a real working dog. 

He loves tracking....walking, running... But he don't like dogshows, he finds it boringso we have not 

visit lots of shows... He has no sign of agression, has a very good temper also with other adult males.

He has never a conflict. Always friendly to people and other animals.  And he has huntings skills... 

He is out of a litter of 6 pups, all correct from the Shavano kennel in Norway.

In 2014 he has his first litter at THOKOZA kennels with my friend Jolan Huizenga. The female who was 

his partner was BIEK, a SAM daughter. The litter was 9 puppies, 2 without a ridge, 1 block(very small) 

and the others correct. The pups have all very sweet and lovely caracters who want to please their 

owners every day and very important they were very healthy, no problems at all..! 

All have full dentention. All owners are very happy with their SKOLL kid.

Son YOUP with me in our pack. He has also a lovely, sweet and soft  personality just like al others.                                              




pochádza z L vrhu, kde sa narodilo 10 šteniatok 4 psy a 6 súk všetky štandartnej kvality. Vždy veselá, 

zvedavá, vnímavá nekomfliktnej a temperamentnej povahy s takmer nevyčerpateľnou zásobou 

energie. Tú si rada míňa behaním, čo predviedla na klubových coursigoch. Je veľmi fixovaná 

na rodinu a nerada zostáva sama, pri každej príležitosti vyžaduje pozornosť, dotyky a láskanie. 

MiniVivi: L litter comes from, where he was born 10 puppies 4 males and 6 females all a standard 
of quality. Always cheerful, curious, receptive easygoing and lively nature with an almost 
inexhaustible supply of energy. Her advice is missinfg running, which showcased the club coursigoch.
It is very fixated on the family and does not like to remain alone, on every occasion requiring 
attention touches and caresses.



Krytie / Mating



Šteniatka / Puppies

narodené / born: 19.5.2016 - 8 šteniatok (2 fenky, 6 psov) / 8 puppies ( 2 girls, 6 boys)

čas narodenia pohlavie váha označenie
2,01 hod  sučka / girl 417 g oranžová / orange
2,56 hod psík / boy 510 g hnedý / brown
3,04 hod psík / boy 424 g čierny / black
3,34 hod psík / boy 402 g fialový / violet
3,56 hod psík / boy 463 g zelený / green
4,16 hod sučka / girl 316 g červená / red
5,59 hod psík /  boy 350 g sv. zelený / light green
7,49 hod psík / boy 464 g modrý / blue

Rodokmeň šteniatok / Pedigree puppies



Individuálne foto - mená šteniatok / Individual Photo - puppies names

 štandarná fena - GERMANY / show quality girl - GERMANY

 štandardný pes - Chorvátsko / show quality boy - Croatia

 štandardný pes - AUSTRIA / show quality boy - AUSTRIA

 neštandarný pes - SLOVAKIA / PET boy ( offset ) - SLOVAKIA

 štandardný pes - GERMANY / show quality boy - GERMANY

 štandarná fena - SLOVAKIA / show quality - SLOVAKIA

 štandardný pes - CZECH / show quality boy - CZECH

 štandardný pes - rezervovaný SLOVAKIA / show quality boy - reserved SLOVAKIA